An Interview With A Playboy 11.3


Apologies for the delay. I don’t have any excuses, I was simply distracted. Here is the last part of chapter 11. This is a gift for those who are still patiently waiting and all of you wonderful readers who are still looking forward the story but did not throw tomatoes at me for being late. Read ahead.

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An Interview With a Playboy 3.2

She made a sign of the cross before entering the school gym where a practice game of the basketball varsity team is currently being held at. That is the moment she will start the challenge to get an interview from Dex. She already prepared her list of questions, tape recorder and herself. She made sure that she will be able to handle his egoism and will not be intimidated in case he acts rude and discourteous.

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An Interview With a Playboy 2.2

Does not have glasses, but well…

And her impression of him grows, from bad to worse.


Jenna fixed her glasses as she breathed a long sigh. Because of her dilemma with her assignment, she has almost forgotten that her classes for today is about to start. She was five minutes late. Since there are only two books left to be returned, she hurriedly pushed the cart towards the designated shelves.

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An Interview With a Playboy Chapter 2.1

How true are the rumors?


Jennafei was staring at a blank space while fixing the books on shelves from the cart she was pushing. Before she go and after classes, it’s what she usually does as a student assistant. She has a total of 5 working hours. What she’s earning in return is thirty percent from the expensive tuition fee of the exclusive university where she’s currently taking her 2nd year in Communication Arts.

Aside from that, she also have other source of scholarships. Which is the exact reason why she is staring at nowhere and deeply pondering.

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An Interview With a Playboy 1.3

From staring at the LCD of her laptop, she looked at her bedroom door when she heard her brother, Jonas’s voice. He was sweating all over and he’s wearing jersey. It seems that he came from playing basketball again.

“What?” She lazily asked as she looked at the computer again. What she hates the most is being disturbed while writing. Jenna was finishing the article she will be submitting for her weekly column in a paper.

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