Update 2017

I bet you’re all tired of me apologizing, so I won’t even try, I’ll just make it up next month. 

I will be having a long break this February and hopefully I would be able to finish working on the last 2 chapters of 20 total chapters. Right after I finish the last sentence then I might post one part each day, it will most likely be ending before the end of Feb. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for the new subscribers who still subscribed knowing that the site is on hiatus and those who stayed and still waiting. Thank you for the kind understanding. (Of how lazy I am to finish very few chapters left and take several months even) See you then! 



Just finished translating the next chapter but ending the post this way feels wrong, specially when i know i will be going through numerous overtime this month in order to achieve a goal. So in any case I leave it this way, it will feel like a cliffy and i will feel more guilty than i already am for not posting for so long. 

So let me inform you guys that I decided to finish the book first altogether, just 6 chapters left before the ending, 5 left technically before I will release them daily. Give me 2 to 3 months. I promise it wont reach until next year. 

Im sorry for announcing and deciding this selfishly. I hope you guys wont be upset or mind it too much. Stay healthy, be blessed and be a blessing to others.

Quick update

Sorry for not updating for  a long time my dear readers. I feel that I should give you some update that I have not abandoned the blog yet. Aside from being busy with work and life, I just cant find time and motivation to sit in a part of my room to translate. I think it’s more than a month now since I last used my laptop.

Rest assured that I will still continue this novel, just not at this period of time. Not when I spend almost all of my days off going to work anyway (while enjoying it, thanks God), and the rest of it outside of socializing , I spend snoring off.

Enough of me. I promise that the next chapter will be out by next month. Most probably by the second week. Though that seems so far away. Thank you for all the readers who are still patiently waiting. See you all next month and always take care. May overwhelming joy and peace be with you all.