An Interview With A Playboy 11.3


Apologies for the delay. I don’t have any excuses, I was simply distracted. Here is the last part of chapter 11. This is a gift for those who are still patiently waiting and all of you wonderful readers who are still looking forward the story but did not throw tomatoes at me for being late. Read ahead.

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An Interview With A Playboy 11.2

Another picture of Xian Lim. Cute, eh? A version of Dex ready to play basketball.

And the fun continues. And will be for this whole chapter and three chapters after this. Ohhh, how so wonderful being young and be inlove. > , < We also get to know more about Jenna’s ex-boyfriend.

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An Interview With a Playboy 1.1

“This has been your BJ Jenna,” Jennafei smiles as she looks at the camera.

“And this has been your BJ Donald signing off. See you next week for another pack of juicy info, insights, news and stuff straight from your barkadahan,” added by Donald, who is Jennafei’s partner in being “barkada jock” in a youth television magazine show.

(Barkadahan literally means group of friends, barkada refers to a person inside the group.)

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