An Interview with a Playboy 20

The Finale. Some part are so cheesy I can’t even. Enjoy!

“Are you okay, Jenna?”

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An Interview with a Playboy 16.1

Jennafei threw a deadly glare at the issue of Manila Daily Journal upon once again seeing the picture Allan had taken last night that was already published.

Dex and Hazel dancing on the dance floor.

Last night, while Jennafei was writing the article, she was so tempted to write the caption she had in mind in her irritation.

The heartless playboy and the social climbing slut shamelessly making out on the dance floor.

But since she did not want to lose her job, she was obliged to put on a decent caption for that malicious picture.

“Hey, have you seen Dex Peralta and Hazel Legaspi’s public make-out in the flesh?” Alina asked her, a co-staff writer in lifestyle section.

“Obviously,” she answer, not in her best mood.

“That woman is too much. I hate her. It’s roaming around that she’s naturally obnoxious and slutty.  I heard that she was also targeting Red Madrigal. It looks like she was planning to boat in both rivers.”

She gritted her teeth. Jennafei remembered the incident last night few hours after she and Dex danced. Jennafe and Hazel collided in her way to bathroom, the alcohol Hazel was carrying slightly spilled. The liquid did not spill onto her dress but the woman bawled out at her and even called her “bitch.”

She was in the point of bursting out. There were few people around so she avoided to make a scene. If she was not minding her image, she might have fought it all out with that woman to let out her irritation. Her night was totally destroyed by Dex and his woman. If she was not together with Jude, she might have spent the night gritting her teeth in rage.

She blew out a breath when she thought of Jude. He was too blunt in telling her he wanted to court her. He even invited her for a meal once she’s free.

“Anyway, what’s your next assignment, Jen?”

Her mood declined even more after hearing Alina’s question. Earlier in the morning, Mr. Agustin ordered her to take Dex’s interview because the guy already agreed for the interview like what the guy told her last night at the party. At that time, she was unable to pick any reason to decline her boss. She knew it was a job, which she should treat professionally and not personally.

“An interview with a heartless playboy.” Again.

But this time, she’ll make sure that he won’t be able to affect her again.

Jennafei finished her article early for the issue of the newspaper for the following day so that she can have dinner with her family. To her surprise, she saw a luxurious car in front of their house, that she can’t park her car inside the gate.

She thought of Mr. Alejar, her father’s business partner for a big supermarket they were building. That man is a millionaire and he can get this kind of car.

After more than three years of saving money from her mother’s grocery and her father’s wages from the cruise ship, her father found a business partner to build a bigger business. Mr. Alejar who was an old friend by her father who was also an entrepreneur. Her father no longer planned to fo back to work and will just take care of the business with his business partner.

She can already hear everyone’s laughter even before getting inside the house.  They were not in the living room so she went straight to the dining area and she was surprised after seeing their guest.

“Jenna, you’re arrived. Dex is here to visit us,” her father mirthfully declared after seeing her at the entrance of the dining area.

Dex glanced at her. He was sitting at her designated seat next to Jonas. He smiled at her as if he was not aware of her displeasure of seeing him in their house again. Why did he have to go to their house? What was he really planning?

“Jenna, come here and sit, I’ll get you a plate.” Her mom called pulling the chair next to her.

Jennafei wanted to say that she already ate even if she haven’t yet. Then she will go inside her room and stay there until he went home. But she didn’t want her parents to notice her grudge towards Dex because they will wonder and ask her why.

“Jenna, come here and sit.” Her father called her again.

Against her will, Jennafei sat next to her mother after washing her hands. She noticed that Jonas who was seated in front of her was throwing her a teasing look and smile. She scowled at him. When she glanced at Dex, she caught him staring at her. She gave him a sneer.

“You don’t seem to be in the mood, Jenna,” her father had noticed. She erased the expression on her face.

“Just tired, ‘pa.” Her mother placed a plate in front of her. She started eating.

“I never thought that Dex still remembers and visit us. He even brought gifts. We were really glad to see him again. Think of it, it’s already been four years since he stayed with us here.” He faced Dex. “We were really worried about you, son. We didn’t know how you were after getting injured in the middle of the game. You were suddenly gone.”

“Yes, big brother. There were a lot of news saying you were fatally injured and got depressed. That you will no longer play basketball and come back here in the country. We were really saddened by what happened.” Said Jonas.

“I did not expect that you were worried about me,” said Dex then threw her a look. She ignored him.

“Son, you’re already like my own son,” her father said.

Her mother gave him more dishes. “There, Dex, eat a lot more. Feel at-home.”

She rolled her eyes. She wondered what had Dex feed to her family.

“By the way, I’d like to ask permission to take Jenna out tonight. She’s holding an interview for me and I’d like us to talk outside.”

She glared at the guy viciously.  She was about to protest but her father answered faster.

“Okay. After eating, you can go so you can go home earlier.”

She looked at her father. He was not aware that he was helping Dex corner her. When she looked at Dex, she read mirth in his eyes.

An Interview with a Playboy 15.3

Double release as my gift to you all as today is my birthday. I’m so getting younger. Not something I really want to celebrate, but oh well, not like it’s stoppable. It should still be something to be thankful to God. At the end of the day, God is so wonderful and I feel so blessed. Cheers to all.

Jennafei had seen Dex for a while already.  Since he arrived at the gathering, she had been secretly following him with her gaze even while she was talking with Jude. But that was the first time she saw him looking her way.

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