DEX PERALTA – An Interview With a Playboy by Heart Yngrid

Jenna’s hatred towards Dex Peralta started since he has played with her because of an interview she has to get from him for their campus paper. He was tagged as the “campus king.” He was their university’s varsity team captain and the most infamous bad boy and campus heartthrob at the same time.
He did not want to be interviewed by her. That’s why she has to make a move to make him agree to take the interview. She has to change herself so he’ll take notice of her. But that seems to be the root reason for him to play with her heart.
Fast forward to present time. Jenna was now a media person. And it seems that history is repeating itself. With Dex’s comeback to basketball scene, she has to take an interview with him, again. But she has learned her lessons. This time, she would not let her heart be played by Dex again.

*** This novel is not mine. This is a fan translation from a fan to fans.


7 thoughts on “Index

    • There are 20 chapters total. No epilogues and side story since this is a physical book.

      Thanks a lot for the support, i feel revived and motivated to translate, even when i suddenly find myself suffering back ache after sitting in front of the laptop for so lobg. Crazy how it takes at least an hour to translate one part of a chapter and another hour to edit. Crazy slow, me.


  1. Hi Cathdeary,

    This may seem as an odd question. I noticed that you had post messages on LMS and DH boards. I have been looking for good series to read. I was wondering if there were some action/fantasy online translated novel that you could recommend me.

    Thanks for your time


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    • Hi. What I have on mind might be novels that you could already be reading:

      Galactic dark net, history’s number one founder, dungeon defence, douluo dalu, hjc, transcending the nine heavens, king shura, shura’s wrath, arifureta, legend of sun knight, 1/2 prince, no hero, yu wo’s other novels, these titles are what I can think of right now. I hope that helps.


    • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei used to be my favorite few years back but its already licenced. As well as No game, no life and Log Horizon. Toaru majutsu is still updating but i no longer read it and it has zillions of volumes to read from the start.


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