An Interview with a Playboy 20

The Finale. Some part are so cheesy I can’t even. Enjoy!

“Are you okay, Jenna?”

Her forehead crumpled. She was reading the script during this time on the set of Barkadahan Stuff. (Friendship Stuff) She noticed that the set was dressed especially for that day. She can’t believe that for the first time, they are live for the episode of the second anniversary of their show. That was the condition their very special guest asked.

Who else wants to ask conditions and manipulating things but Dex? He agreed to become a special guest for their show and she knew that he’s planning something. She thought that Dex had given up on toying her again because he did not try to show up in front of her for two weeks. She was wrong. Dex won’t stop bothering her until he gets what he wants.

If only she can skip from her own show, show would have done so but this is her work. In two years their show was aired, there was not a time she skipped work. She just took herself ready on facing Dex again. She promised herself that whatever he ha planned, she won’t let him succeed.

“I’m fine. Why are you asking that way?” She knew that his question held a meaning. She knew that he knew of the news that spread about Dex and her weeks ago. She didn’t want to talk about it so she pretended not to understand.

“Nothing,” Donald shook his shoulders. “Are you ready for the live show?”

She also shook her shoulders. “I can’t understand why we have to be on live.”

To her surprise, Donald hugged her. “Good luck.”

“Hey, from the way you act, will this be our last episode?”

“I accept now that I don’t have any hope in getting together with you. I accept the fact that you can’t ever love me.” He even acted like he’s crying.

She hi him on the shoulder and laughed. “Stop your drama.”

The floor director called them. After  while, they were at the set, ready to start the live show. When they were at the middle of the show, Jennafei grew nervous but she stilled the smile on her lips.

“And now, folks, the moments we’ve all been waiting for. Oh, I men, what girls have been waiting for. Or shall I say… who,” Donald started. “This had been really tough for us, you know. He had never appeared or guessed on any TV show. So this will be the very first time you’ll see him as a TV show guest and not as a basketball player on court wearing his jersey number eleven… Dex Peralta!”

Dex entered the set. When the man kissed her on the cheek as greeting, she held her fake smile on. When she met his eyes, she saw something in them that made her heart thump wildly and she cursed herself for that. Dex shook Donald’s hand who exclaimed “Idol!”

“Welcome to Barkadahan Stuff, Dex,” She smilingly greeted the guy when they all sat down. Dex seated between her and Donald.

“Thanks, Fei,” he said while staring at her. Her smile almost faded from his stare and from how he called her.

“Fei?” aske Donald. “Oh, I know. Jenna’s real name is ‘Jennafei.’ But why did you call her ‘Fei’? Why not ‘Jen’?”

She wanted to pinch Donald because there is no longer a need to ask that. There are a lot of question written on the script, those re the things he should ask, not meaningless questions.

“That’s what I use to call her way back in college,” Dex answered.

“Ahh, okay. It seems like you were close way back, huh?”

“Well, Jenna had been a very special girl to me four years ago.”

Jenna held her smile but her teeth were firmly clenched.

“Really? Does it mean that you and Jenna ha a past?”

Before Dex can answer, Jennafei gave a laugh. “Guys, I think this interview is not about me. This is about Dex and his life after he met an accident during a game a year ago. So, Dex, could you tell us about what happened to you when you left for the States a year ago?”

“I’d like to answer his question first,” Dex said pertaining to Donald.

She felt her cheek redden in embarrassment. Dex humiliated her on national TV? Even so, she still kept her composure. So that was Dex’s plan. To humiliate her on national TV an Donald seemed to be supporting him.

“Well, yes. It seems that way. Jenna and I spent just a week together but it yielded good memories.”

“Are you saying that Jenna had been your girlfriend for only a week?”

“She has never been my girlfriend but what we had was something more special than that label.”

She stared at Dex. What was he saying? What game is he playing this time?”

Dex glanced her way first before answering. “Jenna is… the only person who knows me a lot. Nobody has had the chance to get to know me like how she does and like how I let her know me. During those times I was with her, I got to know myself more and realized my mistakes. She’s the only girl who made me feel special while stargazing and walking under the rain while holding hands. She made me do things I never normally do or don’t do at all. I had spent and shared my life with her like I never did with anyone. She’s the only girl who made me really happy and… the only girl who broke my heart.”

Jennafei’s smile totally faded out while staring at him with admonishing eyes. She can’t believe Dex can lie on national TV just to toy her.

“Whoa!” Donald blurted out. “They said, you’re a man of few words but hearing you now, you  sound like a romantic poet, dude.” Donald faced the camera. “Anyway, don’t go away. We’ll be right back after a short break.”

“Liar!” Jennafei can’t help herself to burst out after hearing the cue for commercial break. She did not bother hiding her rage in front of the people in the set because she was deeply hurt by what Dex was doing. “Why are you doing this to me?”

He tried to hold her hand but she did not let him touch her. “Jenna…”

Jennafei stood up in burst of emotion. “You want to make fun of me on national TV? What wrong did I ever do to you?”

“Jenna listen to me first.”

“No, you listen to me! I don’t want to see your face ever again. I’ve been hurt enough from your games. Please stop. I don’t want to play games with you anym—“

“I meant everything I said.

She paused. She saw sincerity on his eyes which confused her.

“You know how I hate interviews. But here I am, making myself look like a poetic fool on national TV just to make you know how I really feel.”

“W-what are you talking about?”

Dex held her both shoulders. “Jenna, I did not toy and hurt you intentionally like what you said.”


“Really? Don’t you remember how you made me fall for you just to break my heart? How you suddenly avoided me after getting what you wanted from me? I was just a challenge to you because I wasn’t like those women you can have a blink of your eye. I was just a flavor of the week to you, like all those women you toyed with. After a week, you dropped me for your new flavor of the week. Do you remember that?”

He momentarily stopped this time. He seemed to have thought of something. “That wasn’t the reason why I avoided you Jenna. That day I left your home and promised to come back that afternoon to come get you, I really came back that time. I saw you with a guy walking down the street, approaching the park. I followed you without you knowing. I heard your conversation. I found out it was Melvin, your ex. He was coming back to you and I remember what your brother told me about how you felt about him. You still loved him, and waiting for him. When I saw you kiss and hugged him back, I stepped away and admitted my defeat.”

Jennafei was dumfounded. Dex was there during that time? “W-why didn’t you stay a bit longer? Did you hear me reject him?”

He sighed regretfully. “I thought you will never choose me because I knew you still loved Melvin and still waiting for him. And besides, I am nit even your type of guy to begin with. I am nothing compared to him. He’s a good guy and we’re so unlike each other. I did not wait for you to tell me to go away because Melvin already went back. So I moved on and tried to forget about you and whatever that strange feeling you stirred up in me I didn’t even know what to call. Jenna, you broke my heart and now I know why. I’d been hit by something I didn’t even believe in.

Tears pooled in her eyes. He touched her cheeks lovingly.

“You made me fall in love with you in just a week,” he whispered.


“And I just realized the feeling didn’t die after all these years and it, in fact, lasts until now… I still love you Jenna.”

She finally cried in joy.

He smiled. “You told me to find my happiness. Well, I found it already. I found you. I found that happiness in you.” His fingers brushed her tears and held her hands. “I found it then but I let it slip away because of my stupid pride. But now, I won’t let anybody take away my happiness from me.” He slipped a ring on her finger which made her gasp in utter surprise.


He smiled sweetly. “Let’s make my prank to my parents real, since they already took five wedding planner. That’ll be a such waste.”

In tears, she laughed. “What a marriage proposal piece!” She hugged Dex firmly.

“Commercial break!”

She heard the cue. Jennafei suddenly let go of Dex.

“What?!” They both blurted out almost at the same time.

They were on air all the while!


Jennafei stared at the lovely dark sky. The moonlight was bright and stars were all over the horizon. She turned her head to Dex and smiled at him. They were lying together in his card hood, hands clasped together.

“Do you want to know about my crazy wish?” She asked.

“What is it?”

“You gave me that wish without you knowing four years ago.”

His forehead creased. “How?”

“When you kissed me in the rain.”

“Really?” He smiled in amusement.

“Yeah. And… since you’d given me my wish, I’m obliged to fulfill yours, too.” Jennafei faced him sideward, balancing her weight through her elbow on the car hood. In that position, she can clearly view Dex’s handsome face.

“Oh… Really, huh?” She saw wickedness on his eyes. She kissed him passionately under the moonlight and stars. After a while, Jenna was the one under and Dex was the one leaning on the car hood kissing her with passion.

“Jenna…” He murmured in between kissing her.


“I have another crazy wish.” Dex did not stop kissing her.

“What is it?”

“I want to… Experience making love under the moonlight and stars.”

She suddenly pushed him away. “Dex!”

His laughter echoed throughout the place.


This is the end of the story. I hope you all enjoyed the cheesy yet wonderful story.













10 thoughts on “An Interview with a Playboy 20

  1. Though I’ve already read this in raw, it’s still good to read this in english. I’ve read the whole playboy series and have some of the book in me.
    I’m a fan of Heart Yngrid. Thanks for translating and sharing this!

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  2. Thank you so very much for your dedication and determination to complete translating this sweet and fluffy story. Really appreciate it.
    Have a good day and good luck

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