An Interview with a Playboy 19

The whole short chapter.

“Where’s the interview?” Mr. Agustin asked. His nose seemed to be blowing smoke.

“I’m sorry I can’t do the interview anymore,” she said after a while.

“What?” he screamed bulging his eyes out. He slammed hs hand on his desk. “I waited for how many years to get a chance to have an exclusive interview with Dex Peralta, then you will come to tell me that you won’t do the interview?”

“You can still have it. Just have someone else do it.”

“Only you can take it. That’s the condition he asked. My goodness, Jenna. You’re making me mad for the second time now. What’s your reason, huh? Give me a good reason why should I let you get away from this?”

She stared at his desk and sighed. “Because I still love hm till now and I’m so stupid because he was able hurt me again for the second time. Because I don’t him to toy with my feelings again. Because I don’t want to hope that he can love me… because I now that he does not now how to love.”

She looked at Mr. Agustin after who dropped his jaw over shock from what he heard.

She let out a heavy sigh. “Fire me if you think my reason is weak.”

Mr Agustin just closed his mouth. When she heard nothing from her boss, she went ahead out of his room.

That night, Jude drove her out. They finally had their date. He brought  her to a class restaurant with romantic ambiance.

“You seem to be thinking far out,” he caught her inattention.

She slightly smiled. “I’m sorry, I’m just thinking of a lot of things due to my continuous assignments.”

“You look pale. You also lost weight.”

“Stress from work.”

“Is it really from work?” Jude asked, filled with meaning.

“What do you mean?”

He blew out a breath. “Or because of Dex?”

Her smile faded away. “What are you saying?”

“I don’t know what’s happening between you and Dex. Last week, it went out on the news that you had a fight with a model and you said that you’re Dex’s finacee. There s even a picture of two of you hugging.  Then the other day, it’s not true that you are Dex’s fiancée. Then the next day after that, I read from the newspaper that Mrs. Elvira Peralta was happy that his son is getting married and mentioned your name. She even told about  you visiting them together with Dex when he introduced you as his fiancee. Then last Sunday, in your showbiz show, you denied it again. I’m totally lost. What is the truth Jenna?”

“It’s me you should believe in because I is I who am speaking the truth. But if you don’t want to believe me, then do so, I don’t have anything to justify or explain to you.”

“I’m sorry for asking.” She noticed from his tone that he was hurt.

She sighed. Jenna realized that what she said was wrong. “I’m sorry. I’m just really tired.”

He smiled. “It’s okay. I’m sorry if my questions sounded offending to you.” Jude blew out  long sigh and stared into her eyes. “It’s just that I’m jealous.”

Jude’s hand crawled on the table and held her hand. “Jenna, I like you so much. I don’t think you feel the same but I will try to make you feel it for me, too. I just hope that you are open to love again. I hope that you can give me a chance to love you.”

Jennafei was sure that she didn’t hold any feelings for him but there might be chances in the future that her heart will be open for a new love. During this time, the wound in heart was still fresh and she didn’t know when will it heal entirely. When her heart was completely healed, that will only be the time she can accept Jude but at this time, she didn’t want to use her heart any yet.

She was startled when her cellphone rang from her purse. She excused from Jude before answering the phone. It was Pete.

“Pete. What made you call up?” She listened to his news and she was stunned. “What?”


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