An Interview with a Playboy 18.1

“I’m Dex’s fiancee?!”

Jennafei was startled when Mr. Agustin hit the newspaper of Manila Tribunal on his table. Even before the editor in chief called her in his office, she already knew what will be their topic.

I’m Dex’s fiancee! That was the catchphrase of the article she read from the issue of their competitor for that day. It also featured her picture with Dex while looking at each other as she hugged him. There was actually a reporter who witnessed her battle with Hazel and he wrote was happened at the parking lot of the restaurant. That’s the exact reason why their editor in chief was so mad.

“Jenna. Why? Why did you let the people know from other newspaper that you were Dex Peralta’s fiancee? Why?” he angrily asked.

She almost rolled her eyes. “Hm, Boss. It was not—“

“You’re working on an interview with Dex and yet, you let our competitor publish the news that you were personally involved? How could you do this to us?”

“Hm, Boss. It was not—“

“Do you know that people are swarming our competitor’s newspaper like hot potatoes right now?”

Even she was showered by phone calls and visits by reporters of publication and television since that morning. “Boss, it wasn’t—“

“Dex turned out to be your fiance, why didn’t you tell me? Speak. Why won’t you speak?”

“Er, Boss—“

“Now, you will speak when the world already knew and we were not the one who announced when you work right her?”

She snorted in slight irritation. “It wasn’t true that Dex is my fiance.” Jennafei quickly uttered in fear that he will interrupt her again.

Mr. Agustin’s expression changed. The anger in his eyes vanished and pupil enlarged. “What?”

She explained to him what happened. His face lightened up. “Then what are you waiting for? Write about it now!” He smirked. “Surely, our sales tomorrow will hike up. Oh, and the interview? Are you done with it?”

“Not yet.” She has not even started. It turned out that Dex had tricked her again. Because she was spoiled from waiting for him at the office that night. He only said that he will give his interview that night to stop her date with Jude.

He was really full of schemes and how he really loved to play until now.


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