An Interview with a Playboy 17.2

A funny slash frustrating chapter. A short part of. Read on.

Dex and Jennafei was about to get inside the car when

a woman suddenly came forward to Dex and kissed him right on the lips without warning to her amazement.

“Hi, honey,” Hazel Legaspi sweetly greeted while hugging Dex.

She clenched her teeth. This girl again!

“Hazel…” She noticed on his expression that he did not like seeing the model. She secretly reveled on the inside by just a tiny bit. “I thought…”

Hazel placed her index finger on his lips to stop him. “No, Dex. I won’t stop. I’ll prove to you that you can like me again.”

He went out of her arms. “But, Hazel… now is not the time to prove that. We have to go.”


“Yes, we have to go. So please go away.” Jennafei wasn’t able to stop herself.

It seem that she just only noticed her. She raised her brow. “Excuse me, am I speaking with you?”

Jennafei’s temper rose. She went to Dex’s side. “For your information. I am with Dex. You are disturbing us, so maybe  have the right to interfere.”

Hazel pushed her away from Dex. Jennafei’s mouth opened from the shock. She took Dex’s arm like a chld taking possession of a toy and prohibiting anyone from touching. “Dex is mine.”

Jennafei wanted to shout on her face that she didn;t have any plan to possess Dex and if she want she can own him but she can’t let herself look stupid in front of her.

She snatched his arm. “Don’t touch him!”

“No, you don’t touch hm!” The woman di not let go of Dex.

“Don’t you know who I am?” She was shaking from anger.

“Oh, I know. You’re the clumsy bitch I bumped during a party few days ago.” Hazel even laughed like a mental pantient.

The bitch was crazy. Red was right.

“I’m Dex’s fiancee!” she shouted out. She forcefully pulled Hazel’s arms away from Dex’s waist n pushed her away.

She huged Dex unwittingly. When the guy looked down to her and when she read amusement in his ayes, only did she wake up and realized what she did.

But before she can release her arms from him, flashes of camera shoot at them.


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