An Interview with a Playboy 17.1

Jennafei was so moved with Dex’s life story that she totally forgot that the only reason she  went out with him the other night was because she had to ask him a question for the interview.

It’s a wonder she did not feel angered with the thought that he tricked her. It was like Dex only brought her to his mansion just to help him play his parents.

Somehow she felt hurt because of what she had discovered about him. She knew how Dex was hurting because of his situation and she didn’t understand why she was affected by his feelings. She didn’t understand why he had to confess his secrets to her that only his parents and himself seem to know.

Her sight fell on the basket of flowers on her table. It was from Jude. He invited her for a dinner. She was forced to accept his invitation because she already declined him the other night.

She was surprised when her cellphone rung. “Dex? How did you know my number?”

“From your parents. Let’s have dinner tonight.”

She threw a look at the flowers. “I have… an important appointment.”

“Lunch then. I’ll pick you up now.” He dropped the line before she gets the chance to decline.

Jennafei looked at her wristwatch. Half an hour before lunch. She figured out it was the perfect time for the interview.

Ten minutes before lunch time, she went to the comfort room to retouch her make up. When she went back, she was surprised to see Dex looking at flowers on her table. He was holding the card from Jude that was with the flowers.

“So, it was Jude who was your important appointment this evening.” He coldly said.

She snatched the card from Dex. When she looked around, everyone was looking at them. “You shouldn’t have went up here. You could have just sent me a text that you’re already here.”

They reached a restaurant in a while.

“Can we do the interview later after we eat?”

“After you tell Jude you can’t make it tonight.”

Her irritation toward Dex reverted back. He was manipulating things again. “And why should I do that?”

“Because I will only answer the interview this evening.”

She scowled at him. “You’re impossible.”

“You choose, the interview or your date with Jude?”

“You still love manipulating things.”

“Because I’m used to doing everything just to get whatever I want, remember?”

“You can’t get everything you want and you know that.” Jennafei bit her lower lip. She should not slap what she learned from him to his face.

He sighed sadly and looked at her intently. “Maybe you’re right. I can’t get everything I want.”

She looked at him with regret in her eyes. He went back to eating. She can’t swallow her food due to guilt. She called Jude after to ask him to move their date on another time because she had a sudden appointment at work. He agreed not without expressing his dismay.

“Why did you tell me that? Why did you confess to me your secret? I’m sure you don’t want me to write it,” she thought to ask after a while.

“Maybe I’m just tired of keeping it to myself after a very long time now.:

“Meaning to say, even Red don’t know about it?” When he nodded, she was even more confused. “Then why me? Why did you choose to tell me? Why not Red? You know each other longer.”

Dex stared at her. “Because I think you know me than anybody else. I spent just a week with you way back but in that small span of time, I’d given you a part of me nobody else had gotten from me… and it amazes me till now.”

She stared back at him, stunned by his words. That sounded romantic to her but she could not fool herself. The way he spoke, it was like he never did her any wrong before. And he even had the guts to remind that one week he toyed her. How he made her fall for him, given her hope and smashed her to pieces. Jennafei wanted to rebuke him for all the things that he did but she won’t lowen herself to that degree. Dex might think that she loved him that much before that she still didn’t forget about them until today.


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