An Interview with a Playboy 16.2

If not because of the said interview, she’d never agree to go out with Dex, didn’t matter if her  parents will notice their feud.

Mr. Austin did not give her a due date but he said that the issue has to be published the soonest time possible.  While people are still on fire about Dex to increase their sales.

Jennafei thought that is already in her favor because she had been wondering at the office on how and where she will meet the guy to take the interview he agreed with. It was the devil himself who went to her for the interview. But she can’t still be complacent since he had planned something for sure.

“How are you, Jenna?” Dex asked while driving.

She sighed, trying to look like she was bored. “Fine.”

“What happened to you within four years?”

“You don’t care.  You should not be the one asking that but me because I’m the interviewer.” She grabbed her recorder and placed it near Dex. She can’t believe what’s happening. It was as if she had been thrown back to the same situation four years ago. “What happened to you within one year you were out of the country?”

“How many questions do you have?”

She stared amok at him. “Oh, no. You couldn’t mean… one question per day again?”

“Why not?” Dex smirked.

She snorted. “That was your gimmick four years ago. Change style, will you?”

“How about a week with a former campus king?” he mocked.

“Can’t you think of other games?”

“How about one question, one date?”

“Sounds like the first.”

“Well, how about… one question, one kiss?”

She clenched her teeth. “One paper spray, do you want?” She was slighty stunned when she heard him laugh. It had been four years since she last heard him laugh that didn’t often do. And she can’t understand herself why a part of her was happy to hear the sound of his laughter. The feeling was instantly changed to bitterness remembering how he hurt her before.

“What do you want, Dex? Are you up for the same game?“ Do you plan to play with and hurt me in exchange of an interview?

“I am just giving you a favor, Jenna. Like in the past, I permitted only you to take my interview.”

“Why, thanks  lot. But I’m telling you that this is no longer a school publication. This is professional job and if you plan to play a game, please spare me. I have to get the interview as soon as possible.”

“I told the editor in chief to give you enough time to accomplish your interview. Meaning, whenever you finish your interview with me, he won’t complain.”

Jennafei wanted to protest but chose to sarcastically answer since she knew that however she protest, he will still be followed since he’s the interviewee. “Really? Don’t tell me you already bought half of Manila Daily Journal to order Mr. Austin?”

He laughed softly. “No, but since you suggested it, I’ll think about it.”

She glared at him. She hoped that he was only joking since she can’t imagine being an employee to a company he owned.

There was long silence before she decided to speak.

“I heard both of your parents are in the country right now,” she said. Like before she still have question about his parents.

“Yeah, we are having our yearly reunion.”

“Yearly reunion?”

“Did I not tell you before? They don’t live here. They just visit. Often times, Mama and Papa don’t get to meet. There is only one time that they go back here at the same schedule that’s why it is only once a year that we get completed as a family,” he said in a rigid tone. “Don’t write that. I don’t want to entertain a sensitive question about my family.”

She gaped at him. So the situation in their family is still the same. She felt pity towards the guy and she didn’t like this feeling. Why did she have to sympathize with Dex?”

“Do you want to meet with them?”

She was stunned at his question. 

“What? No!”


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