Quick update

Sorry for not updating for  a long time my dear readers. I feel that I should give you some update that I have not abandoned the blog yet. Aside from being busy with work and life, I just cant find time and motivation to sit in a part of my room to translate. I think it’s more than a month now since I last used my laptop.

Rest assured that I will still continue this novel, just not at this period of time. Not when I spend almost all of my days off going to work anyway (while enjoying it, thanks God), and the rest of it outside of socializing , I spend snoring off.

Enough of me. I promise that the next chapter will be out by next month. Most probably by the second week. Though that seems so far away. Thank you for all the readers who are still patiently waiting. See you all next month and always take care. May overwhelming joy and peace be with you all.