Not an update 2

Apologies. orz
I was not able to acquire a laptop or a computer i can use to translate, my siblings have 2 but they are always in use so it’s kind of embarassing to borrow for long hours, plus internet issues. Net connections in the province can be such an obstacle, I can only give a sigh, so next update will have to be next month already once I’m back to the city.

So life can be so boring when you are doing nothing but boring can also be so much fun and relaxing. Its kind of fun thinking I wont be able to rest this much again after this month is finished. It’s such a wonder how I always manage to get sick everytime I’m on vacation, when I never get sick when I have work. Is there an explanation for that?

Anyhow, a lot of things happened, my new phone I just bought broke and it will take few weeks or a month before I can get it back from the service. 😨And I got sick 2 days after that, maybe it’s the stress? I have to borrow the old phone I gave to my brother and he kept on asking when he can have it back. So sorry dear, but let me just use it while I’m here, k? Oh, the horror, what phone am I gonna use after I’m back to the city then? How will I manage without a smart phone, i don’t know, but i have to manage somehow. 😱

That’s the brief update that is not an update. I’m excited to bring you the next release but it has to wait. See you next month everyone.


19 thoughts on “Not an update 2

          • talaga? 😛
            i watched in many sites, such as dramacool for engsub and TFC also, but with no sub.. since it’s airing from monday to friday, im so happy.. i used to like thai fave couple YaDech, Yaya and Nadech, but now JaDine is my fave. and i am even following their instagrams, hahaha.. something that i rarely do but this reid family is all handsome.. lols


          • I see. Yeah, they are a cute couple. I also follow the drama but not real time. Its seldom I watch Filipino drama because they tend to very angsty and i hate angsty stuffs. Its nice to know that somebody also watches Filipino dramas. They could run for a long long time you know. Do you understand episodes without sub?

            I will start working on the novel over the weekend, am already back to Manila but got so many things to do, busy still. Im so excited to release the next part. ><


          • yups, i didnt watched that kind of drama too.. with 3rd person, forbidden love, bla bla bla.. but this one is so good. and James Reid looks like Indonesian actor called Aliando mix with Al Ghazali. lols.. i watched every drama from some of Asia countries. and yeah, i understand some of tagalog words, since i learned it some years ago 😛 also thai. but not good at all..hehe

            wah can’t wait. but this novel reminds me of filipino movie, but i forgot what is it.

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    • Awww, my apologies. Ive been trying to finish the rest of the chapter, but i find it too long and i cant seem to achieve the perseverance to finish. But im almost done, hopefully by tonight, because im always busy during sundays. I’ll try hard.


    • Exactly. Made me think how in the future once flying sport cars has been invented, how they will comment how those ancient people managed to live through traffics while giving out a sigh of relief. Nods.


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