An Interview With a Playboy 8.1

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An Interview With A Playboy 7.3

So, I was able to stay home all day today, such bliss. I slept past noon today and was not able to stop myself from marathoning another Kdrama, Healer, and not yet done with it. I convinced myself that I can watch it on my phone tomorrow when I go out while I can only translate today. So, tah dan! A release. I’ll convince myself to translate more so I can release another part next week. I don’t know how long can I do that though. >o< Continue reading

An Interview With A Playboy 7.2

Fresh from the oven everyone. I’m really having a hard time with my schedule since I’m always on the run these days, even on weekend, especially even. I always carry my smart phone with me so I don’t have problem reading and commenting on my phone where as, translating has to be done on my laptop and I never bring my weighty laptop with me. So there is no assurance on schedule on when I can update again. Hopefully soon. This has not been edited, maybe get back tomorrow, I will edit it on the road.

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