An Interview With a Playboy 1.1

“This has been your BJ Jenna,” Jennafei smiles as she looks at the camera.

“And this has been your BJ Donald signing off. See you next week for another pack of juicy info, insights, news and stuff straight from your barkadahan,” added by Donald, who is Jennafei’s partner in being “barkada jock” in a youth television magazine show.

(Barkadahan literally means group of friends, barkada refers to a person inside the group.)

“Bye, guys!” She waived. The director shouted “Cut!” The taping is done for their latest episode.

Barkadahan Stuff. That’s the title of their show that has been airing on TV for 2 years now. She and Donald are the anchors of the show and there are 5 field correspondence. This is a show for youth. They delivered news about current evens concerning the youth. They tackled the latest fashion, cool places to hang out in, hottest music, movies, sports, arts, school stuff, jobs for the youth and even love life and relationships and a whole lot more. Their TV show is field of news and updates every week. And she is happy with their rating. In fact, their show already won a TV award.

She is happy with her work as a youth media person. She was just on her on-the-job training when she started showing in telivision in a morning news show. Aside from that, she was also writing column in a newspaper. It’s still the same she’s been doing until she graduated as a cum laude in her course, AB Communication Arts. The only difference is that she is now a youth news anchor and she’s now famous. Before, she was just a contributor in a newspaper. Now, she has her own column called “Youth Power” tackling different aspects of being youth. Aside from that, she is also a resident journalist of said newspaper.

“Jen, seven thirty tonight?” asks Donald who she did not notice on her back as they are walking towards the dressing room.

She stops and faced him. “Seven thirty?”

“You’re free, right?” He confirms while smiling.

She just understood what he’s trying to imply. Donald has been subtly pursuing her since the first airing of their show. In the span they have been working together, he never stopped hinting and teasing her, and she never took him seriously. She knew him to be a natural flirt.

She’s treating him as a friend even when he’s always pursuing her. Not that he’s formally courting her. As a partner of the TV show, she treats him well, even when he’s sometimes going overboard.

“Are you asking me for a date?” She jerked a brow.

He smiled flirtatiously. “Thank God you finally got to notice.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled. “You know I hate riddles, Donald. If you want to say something, just say it straight.”

“Okay, that’s great to hear. So I’d like to ask you straight… when will you say yes?”

She stared at him and she was unable to keep from smiling. “Damn so straight. You know what, Donald? If you won’t stop with your games and keeps on teasing, I will report you for harassment with Mrs. Jimenez.” She says referring to their executive producer. She continued walking.

“You asked me to get straight. Then you will change direction,” he says as he blocked the dressing room door. “Why do you keep on ignoring me?”

“Because I’m not really a fan of comedy.”

“I’m not joking.” The smile vanished from his face.

“Oh, yeah.” She mocked.

“Why are you so cold, Jenna? Is it true that you are a man-hater?”

That rumor. She smirked. It’s because she has never been to any relationship since she started being a public figure. She did not date any of her suitors. “If I hate men, then you would already have a bruise on your face.But if you would keep blocking the way, I might consider be a man-hater even just for now.”

He smirked again. “Ah, Jenna, you’re so cruel, baby.” He went out out of the way but continued. “Jennafei Castro, someday you’re gonna be mine. I promise,” He was widely smiling and even blew her a kiss.

She just chortled and shook her head at his expense.

It’s true that she is not a man-hater. But she hated his kind. If he was only not her partner, he would long since beat him for good -timing her. But she can’t do that because they were working together.

After resting, she went out of the dressing room carrying her bag. She decided to visit the set to discuss the next episode with the writer before going home. She found the staff and crew in front of the TV. When she saw what they were watching, she almost dropped her bag.

“Idol is now back,” says Donald.

Idol? he is Donald’s Idol? Her shock wore off easily. The hatred in heart came alive, she did not realize that its still there.

Dex Peralta… that jerk.



And there goes the first part. Now I understand how taxing it is to translate a book. Not just the translating part but also the typing! But I’m happy it has already started. This is a story that goes way back to learn what happened between the two of them. Why the hatred? It’s a long winding story, just wait, sit and relax. Its a wonderful journey of youth and falling in love. He may seem like a jerk but he has a story and it’s easy to like and understand him along the way. The good thing about this book is the ending, everyone will love the ending. It’s a long journey ahead, but it’s not really about the ending, but it’s the journey, right?


11 thoughts on “An Interview With a Playboy 1.1

    • You will meet the young male lead on chapter 2. He will be more like a devil than a knight though. I’m flattered that you know some of our phrases. Ikinagagalak ko, in english, you are very much welcome.


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