An Interview With a Playboy 1.3

From staring at the LCD of her laptop, she looked at her bedroom door when she heard her brother, Jonas’s voice. He was sweating all over and he’s wearing jersey. It seems that he came from playing basketball again.

“What?” She lazily asked as she looked at the computer again. What she hates the most is being disturbed while writing. Jenna was finishing the article she will be submitting for her weekly column in a paper.

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An Interview With a Playboy 1.1

“This has been your BJ Jenna,” Jennafei smiles as she looks at the camera.

“And this has been your BJ Donald signing off. See you next week for another pack of juicy info, insights, news and stuff straight from your barkadahan,” added by Donald, who is Jennafei’s partner in being “barkada jock” in a youth television magazine show.

(Barkadahan literally means group of friends, barkada refers to a person inside the group.)

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DEX PERALTA – An Interview With a Playboy┬áby Heart Yngrid

Jenna’s hatred towards Dex Peralta started since he has played with her because of an interview she has to get from him for their campus paper. He was tagged as the “campus king.” He was their university’s varsity team captain and the most infamous bad boy and campus heartthrob at the same time.
He does not want to be interview by her. That’s why she has to make a move to make him agree to take the interview. She ha to change herself so he’ll take notice of her. But that seems to be the root reason for him to play with her heart.
Fast forward to present time. Jenna was now a media person. And it seems that history is repeating itself. With Dex’s comeback to basketball scene, she has to take an interview with him, again. But she has learned her lessons. This time, she would not let her heart be played by Dex again.

*** This novel is not mine. This is a fan translation from a fan to fans.

This is one of my favorite novels. The book is so darn funny and sweet I remembered sitting in one corner of my bed stifling my giggles as I read along. Well, I was younger then, but I still feel young until now.

It’s been long since I read it, and I have not reread it for so long, I’m planning to read it as I translate along, or not. This is a sweet and romantic story, full loaded with cheesy stuffs. It’s a school romance and their is also a time skip on the second half of the story. I will quote the unknown author, quoted by the writer herself: “Love is wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and lips to pucker.”

Hello world!

Hi everyone! I started this blog because I felt indebted to all the translators and blogs I’ve been living into all these years. I feel that I should also share some of my favorite novels only us Filipinos enjoyed, for obvious reason that only us speak our language, Filipino or Tagalog.

I’m planning to translate one of my all time favorite local novels. I hope that everyone will guide me support me along and excuse my unprecedented grammar lapses and mistakes. And to all Filipinos and Heart Yngrid fans, mabuhay!